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About HisTenT
We at HisTenT  believe that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He changes not, although everything else does.  In knowing this truth, we feel that He is always speaking, and it is our job to study, discern, and find what it is that He is saying to us in these times, and what His devine instructions for our lives are; one- as individuals, and two- as His Bride. We take worshipping Him seriously, as it seems this is the part of us that we intimately freely give to Him. During this time, we bless God. He, in turn brings forth change in us as individuals and as His church. Prayer is also one of the most important times. We need this in order to communicate with our heavenly Father, and to fine tune our ears to better learn how to hear His voice. His sheep hear His voice and listen to no other. Yes, we do believe in the Trinity, Five-Fold Ministry, and that everyone of us should be baptized in the Holy Spirit . We currenty do not have a permanent place of gathering, and minister in different members' homes, and wherever the Lord leads. However, we do have a vision of having such a place. Even then,  we will still go where the Spirit of the Lord leads. This is why we are called HisTenT.
Here at HisTent, our main goal and mission is to fulfill His goals and His missions for. We want to be on the right track with God and our growth in Him. We strive to walk in His Spirit and Truth, doing the things He did in His time on the earth and greater. Our desier for you is for you to be equipped as well as able to answer His call, and move into it without hesitation. We are an equipping, learning, and cultivating station. We want you to be productive, hense teaching you all you need to do God's will, and go forth in your calling with confidance, and blessing.
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Just a bit about myself. My name is Darcy E. Mentock. Born in Key West FL. Have traveled exstensivly throughout my life. I have been in ministry for approximately 30 years. I have been under the teachings of many such as: Charles and Francis Hunter, who moved in the giftings of healing. Christian International, who practices in the prophetic and giving accurate and Godly words of prophecy. Kent Henry, learning the power of praise and worship, and how to go behind the veil, and touch the heart of God.  Pastor Rick and Pattie Roberts where I have worked with youth, teaching them the fundamentals of the Word of God, and teaching them how to use it in their own lives without compromise. Pastors Jerom and Brenda Myree of Kingdom Dominion. Believers Life Assembly in Marrero, La. Missions training, food bank ministries, as well as evangelical through Youth With a Mission, to the garbag heeps of Renosa Mexico, and orfanages showing the villagers the love of God. We love evangelism, and will always support a wonderful, powerful cause. I stand on and up for Spirit-led morality. It is very clear in the Word of God what is right, and what is wrong. I try my best to adhere to His laws and statutes. I am a spiritual-warfare kind of girl, and won't hesitate to lay hands upon someone and pray-- with their approval, of course. Also know that we need the power of agreement from those around us in HisTenT where we all are involved and being in one accord. After all it's not really about us anyway is it ? But more about what He wants to do through us and we are all called. So join us. What has he called you to do? Your gifts will make room for you. God's blessings to you and your families.              Darcy E. Mentock

 "... Every city or house divided against itself will not stand." Matthew 12:25